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Yoga & Meditation

Chopra Meditation Enrichment

The Chopra Meditation Program is designed to give you a well-rounded education in the mantra-based meditation practice of Primordial Sound Meditation, and a toolkit of practices to help you incorporate its powerful techniques into your life.

Chopra Meditation Certification

Confidently learn to share Primordial Sound Meditation, the meditation practice taught and developed by Deepak Chopra for over 20 years. Get access to the latest in meditaiton research and an expansive toolkit of exclusive teaching and business resources.

Chopra Meditation Foundations

Move from stress to stillness with a personalized approach to meditation based on your unique time and place of birth. Primordial Sound Meditation takes you closer to your true self—a place filled with joy, peace, and infinite possibilities.

Chopra Yoga Foundations

Create a lifelong practice and explore the deeper meaning of yoga with Chopra Yoga Foundations.


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