Quicksand For Your Soul

My greatest apologies for recording this vertically.

I want to share this suspension of calm with you.

Place the muffles over your ears so you can feel the weighted comfort of quiet in your bones.

Let the holes you’ve had drilled in you by stress be filled with this sludge to slow you down. Watch how your eyes adjust to neutralizing your surroundings. A cubicle that is the bane of your existence can return to the choice of fabric one person made in hopes you would find comfort in it instead of distress.

Hope for your smile to enjoy small human moments from the people around you as you dissolve away the parts of them that push your buttons.

I know pausing is stressful, enjoying where you are right now is a balancing act.

Panic your way into enjoying the moment at hand before the sludge empties and you lurch forward into a future you’ve conned yourself into believing is or will be so much better.

I hope your muscles get whiplash trying to hold onto the rest you run from. That way you’ll be left with something to help you remember the feeling of living exactly where you are.

The tissue tying you together knows the way to strength and its not through sleeplessness or the hustle you think will fill your bank account and empty your worries.

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