Unlocking Basic Necessities

Healthcare is not more satisfying when its cost accelerates. Yet, it is treated as both a luxury one is lucky to have, and a character flaw commiserate with poverty for those without it.

Something that should be able to be taken for granted has become a status symbol. We have the ability to help the sick, but we put it at the end of a race where you can gain footholds by giving up your time, physical or mental health. People who have more involved health conditions requiring greater attention cannot afford to leave a job with good health insurance even if it is damaging their mental health.

I’m frustrated to see arguments and discussions about how political parties are being perceived. It’s never worked in the favor of people. We all just want to live our lives without fear of the pains that strike us, where we lay our head and how we will fill our bellies. How do you justify an industry that feeds on greed, yet covers the motive by its hand extended in pleas of agony to the people it purports to help?

I am sick of reading articles discussing the finer points of the democratic party versus the republican party. Neither one of these institutions is achieving even the basics of sustaining life for its constituents. We are a society that lives on debt and calls it success. Watching as a system designed to bottleneck wealth at the top continues to thrive.

I came across a line in a newsletter, from what I view as a respectable news organization, mentioning what a danger it is for the democratic party to be “too woke.” I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or be furious. People are starving to death, tortured for crimes they didn’t commit based on unjust laws defined by codes that are enforced at the hands of racist institutions. And you think people are worried about how “woke” democrats are?

People are worried about affording insulin, finding their next meal and how close they are to homelessness. This fear of wokeness comes by way of bending to the fear of what a conservative entertainment organization parading as news deems to be good or bad. How disgusting is that? The power that one group of TV shows has to infect and direct the conversation…when they peddle in outright lies and conspiracies. This type of corporation, like many others, does not care about people. It cares about filling its pockets with money collected from the disaster of fear they designed.

This game of politics and perception is a sickness. Can’t you see how people are suffering? And you think it might be too extreme to forgive the debts that break their mental health? You actually believe providing health care, food, and education…the very basics is going to so deeply offend that you scare yourself away from the possibility for the people who need it most?

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