Welcome to mental ground

Hello, and welcome to my page. My name is Becca Schimmel and I created this in order to pursue my writing and artistry full time with the support of anyone who likes my work. All of this is a work in progress, and it will likely remain that way for several months moving forward.

What is this?

I want to do something uncomfortable and tell you honestly a bit about what I’m doing and why I both want and need support. It’s strange for someone as independent as I am to directly ask for this kind of help.

I am trying to make a living by creating are with words and illustrations. I want my introspective and vulnerable work to connect to people in a way that makes them pause. I want to gift moments where things slow down and your mind clears a bit. I don’t want anyone to worry over the proper interpretation of anything I do. I want you to experience it and maybe tell me what you feel or see from the work no matter how positive or negative it might be. My skin is thin when it comes to my creative work, but I’d rather feel that sting than be numb.

What I need from you

I took money out of a small retirement account, got a mortgage for a house because renting would have been more expensive and then I moved states and quit my job as a journalist. I felt like I needed to do all of these things in order to pursue my dream of being a full-time artist and creator. I’m learning everything as I go, and it is utterly terrifying. I don’t know how to sell the things I make or market myself, which is why I’ve both created a Patreon account and this website. I’m asking you to support me with donations, or subscriptions to my Patreon in order to give me the time and funding I need to create the books and art I love to make.

What kind of work?

A passionate mess of poetry and illustrations as well as some blog content and fictional stories. I enjoy dystopian style writing because it feels right for the time that we’re in. I spent about 5-6 years as a journalist though, so if there’s content you want me to create for your organization I’m willing to try that out too. I love trying to challenge my writing as well, and will accept commissions for pretty much whatever you can come up with.

For me, poetry is a playground where I can hide and create vulnerable things at the same time. I’m allowing many imperfections to stand on this page because it’s uncomfortable. I’ve been in a space obsessing over the details of each sentence as though it were a thesis statement to determine between two words with achingly similar meanings. And now I’ve left that arena to stand on my own and write directly to you, whose eyes have found any of my words.

I will be using this Patreon account for all of my messy creations. I hope you stumble upon it and feel something even momentarily that causes you to pause.

Thank you for your support of this work.

contact: beccaschimmel2@gmail.com


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